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Publication Starting Date

Flash ads   Our company provides "Buttobi.net" and publishes ads
on the homepage in 1 month intervals. For more information,
please visit the the Buttobi.net page here.

Text ads
    - Text Ads
    - Mini test ads
    - Mobile Ads
  We publish ads to all user pages of Buttobi.net in weekly intervals.
As for ad placement please refer to the figure above.
Ads are displayed as shown below,
as well as on the management page after users login.

Mail ads
  3000 mailings in regards to account registration and
blog submission notification e-mails
are distributed with ads located in the footer.

 * Publication Prohibited
Please confirm that none of the following prohibited points apply to your advertisement. Advertisements will be rejected if we deem the content to be inappropriate.

For commercial advertising
Unclear information regarding the product advertised.
Please include information such as the product name or company name in the advertisement text.
("Cheap, Anything at wholesale price, Amazing, Just visit here!" and so forth are unacceptable content.)
The linked Website lacks company information in accordance with the "Specific Commercial Transactions Law".
For dating sites
Inclusion of obscene imagery.
Whether profit or non-profit, sites that do not include either owner information or company information in accordance with the "Specific Commercial Transactions Law".
For all ads
Advertisements for adult sites or adult products, and advertisements that include obscene imagery.
(Advertisements for dating sites or dating products may be included.)
Advertisements for companies offering similar services to SurgeSpace.
* Free or paid web hosting or dedicated servers, internet advertising services, and so forth.
If you are unsure on this, please feel free to contact us.
Ads for sites where product details are unpublished or unclear,
or that are related to pyramid schemes or fraudulent activity, cannot be accepted.
Also, anything our company deems to be at risk of causing any trouble to our company or others.
 * Other
Advertisements for personal sites are also possible.
However, even in the case of a personally operated for-profit site, it will be treated as a commercial advertisement, and so owner information or contents in accordance with the "Specific Commercial Transactions Law" is necessary.

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