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Publication Starting Date
With over 2.5 million page views each day,
don't you want to try placing an advertisement on Buttobi.net user sites?
Personal site promotion also OK!
Text Ads / Mini Ads
Your advertisement will be displayed in text format on
Buttobi.net users' blog pages and management
screens, as well as on homepages and guestbooks.

Unlike image format advertisements,
text advertisements can lead to hits from
search engine such as Google.

Many of our customers are repeat users.

    Simple SEO
Guaranteed term advertising now available!

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization",
and is a technique used to achieve a higher
ranking in search engine results.
For the term applied for,
your displayed contents and URL
are directly exposed.
Due to the fact that a link to a client's site is
explicitly published, improved site rankings
in search results with sites like Google are expected.
We offer plans suited to customers' aims and uses.
The fees are also set ultra-low, making them
very desirable.

E-Mail Ads
Text advertisements for your company are published
in account registration and blog submission notification
e-mails sent to Buttobi.net users.

These advertisements are more effective than mail
magazines, as in many cases such e-mails are left
unread or unopened.

  New Development to Buttobi.net
E-mail Advertising!

As they are delivered to active users,
they can appeal effectively and efficiently.

You can catch the user's eye and attract them directly.

As e-mails can be received anywhere and anytime,
you can reach users more closely,
and also hope for them to spread details of your
service by word of mouth.
 Flash Ads
Flash advertisements will be created by us for your
company (existing advertisements also welcome),
and published on the Buttobi.net top page.

They express far more than animated GIF images
and can effectively draw in users.

Ideal for the promotion of recommended content
or recommended products.

Buttobi.net Flash Advertisements
This is amazing!

Don't worry if you have no tools to use to develop
a Flash advertisement with.
Our company will create one, based on your needs.
It is published on the Buttobi.net top page,
making it easy to catch viewers' eyes! Currently
your advertisement can be displayed without rotation,
24 hours a day continuously for a month.
Unlike a GIF animation, you can expect a smooth,
lightweight movie comparable to a television commercial.
This offers a more interactive experience to viewers
as the rich advertisement is not limited to a mere "animated picture".
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