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Frequently Asked Questions
Q What types of advertisements can be published?
Text advertisements and Flash advertisements are available.
Text ads can be published on Buttobi.net's PC all user pages (weblogs, homepages, guestbooks), mobile weblog (Japanese only), notification e-mail(to PC users). Also, Flash advertisements can be published on the Buttobi.net top page. For more details, please refer to the this page.
Q What is the maximum number of characters permitted?
This varies depending on the advertising plan, for more details please refer to the advertising content page.
Q Is it possible to advertise personal sites?
* Personal sites refers to non-profit sites.
Q Are there restrictions on the content of the ads submitted?
Please bear the following points in mind.

When the content of the advertisement is promoting a product,
please make sure that either the product name, company name, or what is being promoted are included.
("Cheap, Anything at wholesale price, Amazing, Just visit here!" and so forth are unacceptable content.)

For commercial business advertisements,
the linked websites must include complete details for their products.
If the details contained on the linked website are limited to phrases such as "Amazing", "Big chance", "This much profit!", "The ultimate business!", "Apply now!", and so forth, and information on the product is unclear, in order to avoid any risks, advertisement publication cannot be offered.
Regardless of the business purpose, if company information in accordance with the "Specific Commercial Transactions Law" is not displayed, applications for such advertisements will most likely be rejected.

Advertising for companies offering similar services to our company's will not be accepted.
(Free or paid web hosting or dedicated servers, internet advertising services, and so forth.
If you are unsure on this, please feel free to contact us.)

In the case of commercial business advertisements,
the site linked to must include company information in accordance with the "Specific Commercial Transactions Law".
(The advertisement will not be accepted, if product details are unpublished or unclear,
or the site is related to pyramid schemes or fraudulent activity.)

If advertising a personal site, please include what type of site it is in the advertisement content.

In the case of dating sites, whether they are profit or non-profit,
they must include either owner information or company information in accordance with the "Specific Commercial Transactions Law" or else the advertisement will not be accepted.

Advertisements for Adult sites, or anything containing obscene images, will not be accepted.

Also, advertisements will not be accepted in the case that our company deems them to be at risk of causing any trouble to our company or others.
Q Are advertisements for mobile devices possible?
Yes, however currently only Japanese advertisement available for Japanese mobile phones. There is a separate mobile advertisement plan available. For more details, please refer to here (written in Japanese).
Q How fast can the advertisement be published?
Text advertisements can be published the day after payment is verified by our company.
Flash advertisements may take up to one week depending on the current workload.
From application to confirming payment will take at least three days.
Q What are my payment options?
You can choose your payment by credit card or bank transfer (overseas remittance to our Japanese bank account).
For credit card payment, Visa or Mastercard are accepted.
Q What's the longest contract that can be made?
Up to six months from the publication starting date is possible.
Q Can I renew the publication of my advertisement?
[Manual Renewal]
After applying for an advertisement, login to the account created for you,
and you can renew the advertisement from the management screen.
Depending on the number of advertisements already being published,
it may not be possible to renew your advertisement. In such a case, we will notify to you.

[Automatic Renewal]
If paying by credit card, you can set up automatic renewal.
If automatic renewal is set, when the publication ends, the advertisement will automatically be reinserted. However, please be aware that if there is no publishing space available when the automatic renewal is set, publication cannot be extended.
Q Can the content of text ads be changed after I have applied?
You can change the displayed content of the advertisement from the management screen.
If you wish to change the URL that your advertisement links to,
please inform our support staff as the new URL will need to be examined.
Q Can multiple accounts be made?
One account can be made for each e-mail address.
If you have more than one e-mail address, then you can make various accounts.

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