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Publication Starting Date

Buttobi.net Flash Advertisements

Flash advertisements for companies will be published on the Buttobi.net top page.

The available FLASH advertisement sizes are specified here.
(Please refer to the chart on left)

We also accept existing your Flash data. (Charge for checking Flash data will be 10,000 yen)
Please refer to this page for detailed information regarding the format specified by our company for existing advertisements.

When our company produces the advertisement,
there is a "Flash production fee" as well as the advertisement publishing fee.

Also, the length of the Flash animation can be up to 20 seconds for the top right section and up to 40 seconds for the bottom section. It can also be an infinite loop.
When the browser being used cannot display Flash, a replacement GIF animation or still image will be displayed.

Please be aware that advertisements for
"dating services" cannot be published in the top right section.

For additional information regarding advertisement publishing, please make sure to refer to our Terms of Service here.

For information regarding our publishing fees, please visit here.
Sample 1
(160×50 Pixels)

(350×100 Pixels)


[Process to publication] (When Flash advertisement creation is requested)

Order -> Payment -> Content Meeting -> Story board Production -> Rough Draft -> Completion -> Publication

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