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Publication Starting Date

Buttobi.net Flash Advertisements (About importing)

When inserting Flash advertisements, please confirm the information below,
and provide an "swf" file, "fla" file, and substitute "gif" file.

  1 Top Right 1 2 Top Right 2 Bottom Middle
(width x height)
160 x 50 Pixels 160 x 100 Pixels 350 x 100 Pixels
File Size Up to 30KB Up to 50KB Up to 100KB
Animation Run time Stop within 20 seconds / Looping Permitted Stop within 40 seconds / Looping Permitted
Number of Links One only
Substitution GIF Size and file size have the same limitations as Flash files.
GIF and GIF89a file formats are supported.
Alternative display for substitute GIF file Up to 20 characters (full size or half size)
Text Underneath Not Permitted
Use of Audio Data Not Permitted

 Other Notes
  • Please set the background color as a layer.
  • For all text (fonts) used, please select "disassemble" -> "convert to coat".
  • Advertisements that include high-speed flashing or blinking every 0.1 seconds
    or so that have a risk of affecting some people.
 Prohibited Points
  • Processes that load external files
  • Processes that communicate with external servers
  • Use of "getURL" on the timeline
  • Processes which require external hardware such as a webcam
  • Processes which obtains user (environment) information
  • Processes which cause an excessive load to the CPU
  • Use of audio data
 About "getURL"

    When assigning ActionScript for mouse clicks, please use the following.

on( release ){
  if ((clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:") or (clickTAG.substr(0,6) == "https:")){

    In addition, please be aware that inserted files will be reviewed and
    may be refused if the files violate the privacy of others, contain immoral or illegal content,
    promote pyramid schemes and so forth, or are in any other way deemed
    by the company to be unsuitable for the Buttobi.net top page.

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