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Publication Starting Date

It takes a minimum of 3 business days for text ads to be published.
(In the case of consecutive holidays in this period, they may be published afterwards.)

When Flash advertisement creation is requested, it will take around one week from the day payment is confirmed for the advertisement to be published.
It is possible to request up to six months in advance.
If our advertising space has already reached its capacity,
we will inform you of the earliest possible date for publication.
At our company, as well as guaranteed clicks / guaranteed displays,
in order to stabilize results (number of clicks/number of displays),
we ensure that publication space is reliable.
In order to ensure this, the limit of published adverts that we will accept is limited.
Regardless of earlier availability inquiries, availability of advertising space cannot be guaranteed.
Please be aware that if payment cannot be confirmed, the publication space cannot be reserved.

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